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Up to Volume 4 of the Light Novel series

Calldawn (?) is a glaive owned by William. It was previously a sword wielded by Aurvangr.

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Calldawn was given to William by the previous owner, Aurvangr, who was able to temporarily return as a specter by the god of undeath, to give him the sword and to make a request to protect his grandson and to succeed in reclaiming the Iron Mountains.

The enchanted sword was a dwarven heirloom that been handed down through generations of dwarves. It was said to exist during the age of gods and to be forged by the god of fire, Blaze.

The famous sword was notable for claiming one of the eyes of Valacirca and now by the hands of William, to claim the very life of the foul dragon.

The ownership of the weapon was questioned and as a result they decided the weapon will belong to William until his death then returned back to the decedents of the original owner.

Because William was more fond of spear than swords, he made a request to reforged the weapon into a glaive with the permission of the future owner.

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