Gracefeel (グレイスフィール Gureisufīru?), Goddess of the Flame and Flux is the guardian deity of William.

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Divine Form Edit

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Herald Edit

She can manifest a herald that takes the form of a warm flame.

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She is the second child of the deities, Volt and Mater. Her elder sister is Stagnate, Goddess of Undeath.

She guides the souls alongside her sister, however, her sister grew tired and decided to follow her own ideals by using the power of undeath.

Gracefeel was a very well known Goddess during the Union Age but following the events of the sealing of the High King, the majority of her followers disperse, as time passed, her name was spoken less and she became a minor god shrouded in mystery.

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Abilities Edit


  • Herald - The ability to manifest a flame with the capabilities to form transparent protective barrier, grant blessings and communicate with others.
  • Echo - She currently does not have enough faith nor power to manifest a Echo of her own.

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