Grassland is a continent to the north of Southmark and politically fractured. The south is dominated by temperate plains and the north by frozen tundras, separated by a natrual barrier, an almost impassable and massive mountain belt, the Stairway to Heaven, that runs from east to west.

Landscape[edit | edit source]

The southwestern part of Grassland was unified by the previous king of the Fertile Kingdom, Egbert II. To the west of Fertile lie the Allied Kingdoms, a federation of small- and medium-sized kingdoms, while to the east there is a region known as the Hundred Warring Kingdoms. A conflict zone where small states run by warlords, families, or clans fight for power, rise, and quickly fall to ruin again. The region suffers from poverty, politcial instability, and there is a lot of wasteland. North of it is a vast valley surrounded by mountains covered in fog, the Misty Valley, home to the largest dwarven country in Grassland, the Vale, which is itself in political turmoil at the moment. Further north still lies the Great Forest of Erin, birthplace of Meneldor and the largest elven country. One of the mountain ranges that form the Stairway to Heaven, the Ice Mountains, is not as steep, with rather gentle slopes and in some places basins of comparatively mild climate where people can live, one of which is Volt's Stove, where Reystov is from. But it also is the only place where the natural barrier that divides Grassland in two can be crossed, so this is where the giants and goblins of the far north sometimes attempt their invasions, and smaller raids are common.

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