Meneldor (メネルドール Menerudōru?) is a former adventurer and most loyal friend of William.

Appearance Edit

He is a young adult male from the mix race of Half-Elves.

In the light novel series, his hair was described as long, silver and his eyes as jade, however, the illustrations from the manga series depict his hair as white.

Personality Edit

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Background Edit

Meneldor was born in Grassland to the north, in the Great Forest of Erin where the elves live.

Because of his mixture of elf and human blood he was an outcast and couldn't get along with any of the residents, he later decide to run away and become an adventurer.

However, he was betrayed and poisoned by one of his companions, after killing the traitor and losing his comrades, he bumbled his way to a village in a weaken state where he was later found and taken in by Marple.

Summary Edit

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Abilities Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • He changed his guardian deity and oath to Gracefeel under the influence of William.

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