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Up to Volume 4 of the Light Novel series

Pale Moon (?) is a shorten dagger in the possession of Glen. It was previously a short spear spear wielded by William.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Boy in the City of the Dead[edit | edit source]

The short spear, Pale Moon, was obtained by William in the City of the Dead after he had defeated a skeletal version of a Vraskus in the underground city.[1]

The weapon was dwarven made and inscribed with many useful signs to help maintain the weapon and adjust accordingly to the user's preference.[1]

It quickly became William's signature weapon, he would use it majority of the time in every fight, adventure and campaign until the day it broke.[2]

The Lord of the Rust Mountains[edit | edit source]

The weapon that once took the form of a short spear was destroyed during a campaign against the vile dragon, it could only be recovered as a shorten dagger with only one of the signs recovered.[2]

William couldn't see another use for the weapon anymore, however, he didn't want to simply throw it away or store it away. Instead he chose to pass on the dagger to a young inspiring adventurer named Glen.[2]

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