Robina Goodfellow (ロビィナ・グッドフエロー Robīna Guddofuerō?) is a travelling troubadour and close friend of William. She loves to spread tales of heroic deeds to the public through poetic story-telling and singing.

Appearance Edit

She is a young girl from the race of halflings, she is very short and her ears are pointed like leaves.

In the light novel series, her hair was described as red and curly, however, the illustrations from both the light novel and manga series depicts her hair in different colours.

Personality Edit

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Background Edit

She use to travel alongside a unnamed female sorceress, she was interested in old ruins and the recovery of lost words of creations.

They went their own separate ways naturally. However, the day after they separated, news of her friend's death already reached her ear, who went down defending a town from a goblin raid.

Although her friend's death was mourned, as people were swept along by everyday life, she was soon forgotten, with fewer and fewer people mentioning her name.

Not wanting her friend's achievements to be in vain, Bee started singing. Determined to carry on her friend's memory through story-telling and singing.

Summary Edit

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Abilities Edit

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Trivia Edit

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