Map of Southmark

Southmark is a southern continent and the main setting of The Faraway Paladin. Hit hardest by the Great Collapse 200 years ago, very few people remain. But recently a colonization effort by the Fertile Kingdom brought about the beginnings of recovery. The climate is rather warm and only a thin cover of snow falls in winter, if even that.

To the north, across the Middle-sea, lies the continent of Grassland, where the Fertile Kingdom is situated and most new settlers coming to Southmark hail from. To the east lies the continent of Arid Climate.

Landscape[edit | edit source]

The port city of Whitesails, now the continent's largest settlement, is situated at a bay in the northern coast. It was founded by the Fertile Kingdom and is ruled by the King's brother, Duke Ethelbald. An Academy of Sages can be found in a forest near Whitesails. Farther inland begins Beast Woods, an undeveloped region full of dangerous beasts and even demons but also of undiscovered ruins from the Union Age that promise riches to those who dare explore them. Through his various efforts to help the people that are trying to settle in this dangerous region, William happened to become the feudal lord of the whole area. In the middle of Beast Woods, on the ruins of an old city, he founded the settlement of Torch Port. It quickly became the politcal, economic, and military center of the region. Further south beyond Beast Woods, a big river originates at the lake by the City of the Dead, where the High King remains sealed and William grew up. It runs through Torch Port to meet the sea at Whitesails. This river is the main mode of transport and commerce. To the West of Beast Woods is a big mountain range, the Rust Mountains, formerly known as Iron Mountains. Under these mountains, the dwarven Iron Country can be found. Taken by Valacirca during the Great Collapse, it has recently been reconquered but remains sealed and unsettled for the moment. Beyond the mountains lies the forest of Lothdor, an old elven country. Though the elves managed to survive, having been completely isolated from the world and suffering from Valacirca's miasma for 200 years greatly diminished them.

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