Stagnate (スタグネイト Sutaguneito?), Goddess of Undeath is the adversary of William. She becomes particularly interested in William throughout his journey, even aiding him despite being foes.

She later confesses her love towards William even offering before if he was interested in having a child with her.

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Divine Form Edit

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Herald Edit

She can manifest a herald that takes the form of a raven.

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Background Edit

She is the first daughter of Volt and Mater, additionally she is the elder sister of Gracefeel, the Goddess of the Flames.

She was originally one of the good gods that helped guide the souls of the dead alongside her sister, however, overtime she grew tired of watching the rise and falls of heroes, she decided to follow her own ideals and use the power of undeath to enterlise the image of heroes.

Over the course of time her image has a good god switched over as one of the evil gods.

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Abilities Edit


  • Herald - The ability to manifest a raven with the capabilities to fly, grant blessings and communicate with others.
  • Echo - The ability to manifest a large skeletal humanoid-like creature, the capabilities of her powers in this form is unknown, however, it is much more greater than her Splinter could achieve.
    • Splinter - A weaker version of her Echo which had half of its power destroyed. The Splinter takes the form of adult humanoid male with the capabilities to speak words of creation, create contracts, spawn snakes, granting blessings and communicate with others.

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