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William G. Maryblood (ウィリアム・G・マリーブラッド Wiriamu G Marīburaddo?) is a lone human from the City of the Dead, born with vague memories of a past life and raised by the group of undead until the age of adulthood. He swore an oath to Gracefeel and leaves to explore the outside world to extend his hand to those in need and restore the faith in his guardian deity.


William is a young man with chestnut brown hair and deep blue eyes, however, the illustrations from the novel, manga, and anime series depict his hair and eye color differently. Due to a childhood accident, he retained burn scars on both hands which could be easily cured, but for personal choice, he keeps to remind him of his past.


William has an earnest and caring personality. He cares for the well-being of others and has the urge to help those desperately in need.


William was brought to the City of the Dead as an infant by demons. The demon's intention was to use him as a sacrifice to break the seal placed upon the High King but he was found and taken in by a group of undead.

He recalls that he had a past life in Japan, he can only vaguely remember certain events and common knowledge. William uses his previous life as one of his main sources of motivation and determination to lead a proper life in his current one.


The Boy in the City of the Dead[]

William is raised in the City of the Dead by a group of undead, these three undead were Blood, Mary, and Augustus. Each of them taught him various combat, survival, and educational skills they each specialized in until the age of adulthood.

The day before the winter solstice, Blood and Mary revealed the truth of the surrounding mystery of his past and what transpired two hundred years ago. Since they lost their attachment to the High King's Seal, the echo of Stagnate came before them to collect their souls as per their contract and after a failed attempted to stop the echo by Augustus he also lost his attachment. To protect his family and save their souls, William challenges the echo to a duel. He manages to defeat the echo utilizing the demonblade, Overeater, and his newly acquired guardian deity, Gracefeel.

After the passing of Blood and Mary, he said his farewells to Augustus and leaves the city to explore the outside world with his new name 'William G. Maryblood.'

The Archer of Beast Woods[]

His first encounter in the outside world was in Beast Woods where he came across a hunter, a half-elf named Meneldor. Originally only vaguely acquainted he later became William's loyal friend after he saved his life, offered to reclaim the neighboring villages infested by demons and to give guidance to the undead in the vicinity, one of which was an old lady named Marple who looked after Meneldor.

William continued his journey alongside Meneldor with a destination in mind, a city called Whitesails. Along the way, he saved a halfling girl Robina Goodfellow and a middle-aged man Antonio, who both happened to be going in the same direction.

As the group reached the city, they were quick to explore and familiarise themselves. When a wyvern attacked the city, William was quick to take up arms and kill the demi-dragon with the help of Meneldor. The word was quick to reach the current local lord, Ethelbald Rex Southmark who granted him permission to hire mercenaries as his reward. They were interrupted by the head bishop, Bart Bagley who was accompanied by a girl named Anna who tried to stop the bishop, William was quick to familiarise himself with these two. Later he and Meneldor went to the local adventurer guild to find hired muscle for their campaign to purge the demons in Beast Woods and met with a rugged-looking adventurer named Reystov who rallied up the rougher adventurers to take up William's job.

The campaign lead by William and co-lead by Reystov was a success after overcoming many clashes and hardships. They held a celebration for their victory during which William learned he unintentionally became the feudal lord of Beast Woods.

The Lord of the Rust Mountains[]

Two years have passed since William became the feudal lord of Beast Woods. The city ruins he came across when he left the City of the Dead became his main base of operation and development into a city called Torch Port.

The Torch Port Ensembles[]

William's severe wounds that had been inflicted onto him by the Invincible Giant were healed by Gracefeel though in return she would experience the pain that was originally inflicted on him. After she healed his wounds, she revealed to William, her love towards people and confessed that she wanted to be loved as well. This leads to William's rash confession of feelings of love towards Gracefeel. In response he was called a fool and she had to explain to him that she had nobody of the flesh nor the power to form an echo, however, it did not deter him and his answer remained the same, she continued to call him a fool with a soft smile.


Words of Creation[]

  • Flammo Ignis - creates flames
  • Acceleratio - increases speed
  • Maxima Acceleratio - increases speed multifold
  • Currere Oleum - creates a thick layer of grease
  • Cadere Araneum - creates a sticky spiderweb-like net
  • Tacere, os - enforces silence
  • Vastare - creates a vortex of destruction
  • Omnia Vanitas Erasus - negates spells
  • Verba volant : Tonitrus - creates a single bolt of lightning
  • Verba volant : conciliat, sequitur : Tonitrus Araneum - creates a fork of lightning
  • Ligatur, nodus, obligatio - stiffen movement
  • Lumen - makes an object emit light
  • Sagitta Flammeum - creates a flaming arrow
  • Eliminare vermes, eliminare insecta - wards off insects
  • Discede - a strong mental effect that causes a flight impulse
  • Pallida mors aequo pulsat pede pauperum tabernas regumque turres: Damnatio memoriae - Entity Obliteration, complete erasure from the world
  • Solis ortus - calls forth a miniature sun from Calldawn's blade


  • Divine Torch - grants repose and guidance to the souls of the dead
  • Cure Illness - cures diseases
  • Close Wounds - heals cuts and minor injuries
  • Sanctuary - raises a huge wall of light around a certain vicinity
  • Sacred Shield - a wall of light that negates spells and benedictions
  • Full Recovery - cures wounds, curses and diseases alike
  • Preservation - prevents rot
  • Anti-poison - grants increased resistance to poisons
  • Antidote - cures poisoning
  • Detoxification - removes alcohol from the bloodstream
  • Sanity - recovery from confusion
  • Purification - removes impurities and pollutants


  • He seemingly gained a stigmata through eating holy bread on a daily basis that given him resistance against miasma and unholy poison.
  • His body was exposed to dragon's blood, increasing his overall physical strength, body durability and word affinity.
  • He confessed his love towards Gracefeel, however, doesn't know whether her feelings are one-sided or mutual.